The RS-130 retail scale is the ultimate choice for simple price computing applications delivering unmatched convenience and accuracy. Providing one-button operation, the RS-130 displays weight in either pounds, kilograms or ounces*.

For added convenience, the RS-130 can save eight direct price lookups and 89 indirect price lookups. Quickly calculate cash back for applications where a cash register is not present.

The large stainless steel platter provides ample room for product and a standard in-use cover assures years of trouble-free operation.

The RS-130 is NTEP Certified and operates on a rechargeable battery (included). A low battery annunciator signals the operator when it’s time to recharge. Overall the RS-130 offers the most accurate, portable and affordable solution for simple price computing needs.

Standard Features
• Toggle between lb/kg/oz*
• Eight PLU keys for direct price lookups
• 89 PLUs for indirect price lookups
• Cash back calculation
• Large stainless steel platter
• Easy-to-read displays
• In-use cover
• Battery charge indicator
• Internal sealed battery included
• NTEP Certified Legal-For-Trade

*Ounces not available in Canada






30lb x 0.01lb 15kg x 0.005kg 480oz x 0.2oz


RS-130 with RS-232

30lb x 0.01lb 15kg x 0.005kg 480oz x 0.2oz


RS-130 (no ounces) Measurement Canada approved

30lb x 0.01lb 15kg x 0.005kg


Rice Lake RS-130

Battery-Operated Price Computing Scale

Specifications Capacity/Graduations:
30lb x 0.01lb 15kg x 0.005kg 480oz x 0.2oz

Display Items:
Weight: Five-digits Unit price: Five-digits Total price: Six-digits


LCD, 0.453in (11.5mm) character height

Power Source:
DC 6V/25 mA rechargeable battery with AC adaptor included AC 115V/0.1A (max)

10 lb (4.5 kg)

Preset Key:
• 8 direct price lookups
• 89 indirect price lookups by PLU number

• Platter: 11.8in W x 9.5in D
• Overall: 12.3in W x 13.0in D x 4.7in H

Operating Temperature:
32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)

• PN 89483 RS-232 Baud: 4800 Parity: None
• Stop bit: 1
• Data bit: 8 Six-digits weight Five-digits unit price Six-digits total price

NTEP CC 04-067, Class III 3000d Measurement Canada approved, AM-5565

One-year limited warranty