662 Step-Saver

The Step-Saver Hand Wrapping Station outfitted with a controller and label printer is the perfect solution for low-volume daily weigh, wrap and label needs. For larger retailers, the Step-Saver is an excellent backup system to handle peak shopping hours. The Step-Saver combines a compact profile and footprint with strength and durability. Stainless steel construction ensures durability and cleanliness. For the less common oversized items, the Step-Saver has the capacity to weigh items up to 60 lb.

Step-Savers outfitted with the 840 Manual Label Printer benefit from the 800 Series Data Management Software. With its simple graphical user interface, this software synchronizes with other METTLER TOLEDO backroom equipment, such as the 880 Auto Wrapper, offering centralized, real-time access to all 800 Series devices within your enterprise. An ideal partner for the Step-Saver is the elite 840 Manual Label Printer, a powerful tool that produces fast, eye-catching, high quality labels (based on either the product’s overall weight or the product’s item count). The Step-Saver holds two rolls of film simultaneously (up to 20 in. wide) in its housing.


• Wrapping of meats cut in-house
• Processing prepackaged items by weight
• Rewrapping of pre-cut beef
• Rewrapping of chicken and pork
• Fish packaging
• Fresh produce packaging
• All tray sizes
• Oversized items up to 60 pounds