880 Automatic Wrapper

High demands, low temperatures, high humidity, frequent and rapid product changeovers: The require- ments in terms of robustness, reli- ability and operability for weighing and wrapping systems in the meat and seafood backroom are chal- lenging, and operational uptime is mission-critical.

The METTLER TOLEDO 880 Auto Wrapper for automated weighing, wrapping and labeling is designed for leadership in operational uptime in the backroom, which boosts pro ts and sales. The machine is robust and durable, easy to operate and to clean – and always ready for use without delay.

To safeguard operational uptime, the METTLER TOLEDO 880 Auto Wrapper comes with a proactive and comprehensive maintenance schedule to ensure operational uptime right from the start. This enables retailers to bene t from longer operational uptime.


• Wrapping of meats cut in-house
• Processing prepackaged items by weight
• Rewrapping of pre-cut beef
• Rewrapping of chicken and pork
• Fish packaging
• Fresh produce packaging
• All tray sizes

• Oversized items up to 60 pounds

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