Mettler Toledo Ariva-S

Single and Dual Interval Checkout Scales

The Ariva-S delivers complete accuracy with reliable and durable performance. This scale connects to most point-of-sale systems for checkout applications, and to personal computers for many other applications that require weight data. 

Available as a countertop model or with the option to build into the counter, the Ariva-S has a robust cast aluminum housing and stainless steel platter, enabling it to meet even the toughest requirements of day-to-day operation at the cash register. The Ariva-S dual interval scale is the ideal solution for retailers who require both a high capacity, up to 30 lb/15 kg, and a fine weight resolution for light goods.


  • Single or dual interval weighing in multiple units
  • Robust design – able to withstand dirt and liquids
  • Ideal for environments where high-resolution weight is required,such as bulk goods and frozen yogurt
  • Easy integration—compatible with most POS systems

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