Risco RS 114 Vacuum Stuffer

The Risco RS 114 vacuum filling machine complete the new range of Risco RS 100 fillers. The RS 114 model meets the needs of expert manufacturers who need a versatile and reliable machine, designed according to strict industrial standards. The RS 114 filing machine employee Risco’s modern control technology to ensure an ideal manufacturing volume over time an excellent filling system allows for a gentle, regular and uniform prices for each food mix. The model RS 114 is fitted with an automatic system to load the product, suitable for 200-litre cards, and a large 240-litre hopper. All the operating paramours are easily programmed from the Risco icon control panel, with the possibility of storing up to 100 different programs. The RS 114 model can be easily combined with all the Risco accessories available for forming, portioning and depositing a wide variety of food products. 


• Effective vacuum systems
• High output per hour
• Accurate filing process
• Maximized hygiene standards
• Low maintenance costs
• Built-in loader
• Minimal overall dimensions

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